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This is me

I have been at this illustrating game for a long time now. I graduated from Newport College of Art back in 1980, and it seemed a good idea to become a freelance illustrator without further ado. At the time I was an avid user of the airbrush, and my portfolio was full of chrome and metal, rock and roll, in search of a mythical recent Shangri La. Time moved on, and hasn't stopped doing so. Now the airbrush gathers dust, and instead, with oils or gouache, I joust with knights, fly with dragons and race with angels on motorbikes. Sometimes colour takes a pillion seat and I branch out in stark black and white, the change is enthralling, a darker side emerges. And now there are computers - colouring-in with no mess, a digital fusion of my line art and unrestricted palette. It sometimes makes me feel schizophrenic when I see the different pictures I make, but also it all makes sense too, just a portfolio, developing, emerging, going somewhere. I'm enjoying the ride, can't wait to see what's around the next sweeping corner...

i l l u s t r a t ion

​Brett Breckon


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